Bestwood Hotel, Park Road, Nottingham Case Study

After our initial viewing of this property the company owner decided that they would gain planning permission themselves and then develop the site. However as a busy business this always fell down as a side project, not getting the attention it required. While the owners did get residential planning, the scheme did not make the most of the sites potential.

After two years we contacted the owners again, noticing that no development had taken place. The site was becoming scruffy and the building derelict. The owners were incurring significant costs on the buildings upkeep alone.

With our experience, we advised the owner of alternative schemes and entered into an agreement with them whereby we would take on the responsibility for improving the planning scheme. We would also cover all costs and the work involved in such a task.

After successful planning was granted, we have offered to guaranteed sale to the owners. We will then build out the scheme through external contractors.

The owners, planners and local residents are extremely happy to see this building of historical significance saved, and the area next to a county park, tidied up and brought up to the standard of local properties.


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