Fleeman Grove, Lady Bay, Nottingham Case Study

Our investors used their cash deposit and leveraged funds from our finance provider. We provided both the land and our services for a fixed price and end values surpassed our initial conservative estimates. When sales complete, this resulted in a profit of over £100,000, for the investors, which is a return of around 50% on the cash used (Return on Investment). If our investors were to refinance they are able to withdraw almost all of their cash input and hold an investment in one of the most sought after areas in Nottingham almost guaranteeing them above average long-term growth, low voids and quality tenants. Of course they also have built in equity from day one and growth is based on the end value not the cost. Our investors are ahead of the game from the start.

4 x 2 bed apartments in a single block

We were able to purchase this site with planning permission and, using our skills and experience, put together a hands free investment package for our first time investor clients. As first time property investors our clients were grateful of our advice and use of our extensive contacts. In a time when development finance is difficult to obtain, even for seasoned developers, we were able to get our clients two offers of finance. We then filled the gaps further by providing legal representation for the purchase and finance process.

The package we offer gave the investors an opportunity to own four new build apartments in the Lady Bay area of West Bridgford, Nottingham, a very sought after area where sites like these are extremely rare. By following our model our investors were able to purchase the block of apartments 20% below market value. Resale figures were actually considerably higher than our conservative predications. The build came in on time and on budget and provided a return on our investor’s investment of 30%. This was completely hassle-free and we did all of the work. Our team of contractors ensured a quality finish. Our team of professionals provided a great service.

This site was an old builder’s yard and had been unsightly and overgrown for almost 10 years when we got involved. The site now provides these four quality apartments and a contemporary family home. The community and the planning department and very happy as house prices improve along with saleability.

As the apartments hit the rental market the investors are being flooded with enquiries. We are repeating the process on a site less than a quarter of a mile away. A winning formula for everyone involved.


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