Plains Road, Mapperley, Nottingham Case Study

This is a site whereby we worked with the owner to obtain planning permission and create a saleable property. The property had been stuck on the market for several years and the elderly owners were getting more and more desperate to sell as they wanted to move closer to their family

The owners had had two failed planning applications on previous years and the house was falling in to disrepair when we stepped in.

With our strong relationships with planner officers and years of experience we were able to successfully obtain planning permission for six executive homes. We were then able to partner with a regional developer who took the site ready to build out. The developer was delighted as sites such as this are rare and very profitable. The owners got their sale at a great price, reflective of a buoyant market and the developers we able to build the quality homes they are known for. The planning authority was also very pleased with this high-end development which added to the locality and took pressure of greenbelt development.

We are now talking to other owners who have difficult sites and always relish the chance to work with similar partners.


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